Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The New ECHO SRM-420TES - The Professional’s Choice

The SRM-420TES is the latest offering from ECHO’s high torque range. Designed and built exclusively for professional operators, this brushcutter utilises multiple technologies to enhance user productivity and comfort.

With a 1:2.07 gear reduction ratio, the SRM-420TES’s high torque gearbox spins the cutting head one-and-a-quarter turns per engine cycle and delivers 50% more torque than its predecessor. This extra torque means that, when fitted with heavier line, the brushcutter can make short work of even dense bramble or brush without losing head speed.

The cutting head on the 420TES has been upgraded too. Now with an extra 7.6cm of cutting radius, operators can cut wider swathes, reducing the number of passes required to complete the job at hand. Coupled with ECHO’s ‘Tap & Go’ quick line release system, the SRM-420TES can quickly work through larger areas with few stops to load new line.

The 420TES benefits from a new engine design. Now stage 2 emission compliant, the 41.5cc engine boasts a power output of 1.78kW, over 10% more than its predecessor. Engine performance has been further enhanced thanks to a new air filter design. Positioned at the rear of the machine, away from flying dirt and debris, filtration has been greatly improved, allowing for smooth and efficient engine performance. Access to the filter is tool-free and the cover can be removed and fitted by hand, even when the operator is wearing work gloves.

A newly designed quick hook-up and release harness is features on this U handle brushcutter. This allows the operator to easily detach themselves from the machine quickly should the need arise.
ECHO only build equipment to one standard – professional. The SRM-420TES is no exception. It has been tested in the same punishing conditions that it will be used in every day.  So confident are ECHO of its durability, the 420TES comes with a two year warranty in professional use.

The ECHO SRM-420TES high torque brushcutter is £649.17 (ex-VAT).

Visit www.echo-tools.co.uk or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.