Thursday, 10 August 2017

Petrol free hedge trimming with ECHO® Tools

ECHO® has introduced a new hedge trimmer, the DHC-200, to their 50V Lithium Ion battery series which also includes trimmers and power blowers.

With no cables, no storing and mixing fuel, as a Lithium Ion product the hedge trimmer offers clean battery power whilst providing performance equal to its petrol counterparts. It’s also built to the same standard as ECHO’s petrol hedge trimmers, with their reputation for being powerful, tough and durable, offering the keen gardener professional quality.

The DHC-200 just needs charging up and it’s ready to go. It’s lightweight and very comfortable to use, thanks to the ergonomic design of the front handle which helps manoeuvrability; and it can be used for long periods with little fatigue. Gardeners trimming ornamental hedges can count on the variable speed control for precision cutting and optimized run-time. The 62cm double-sided precision cut blades provide a clean cut with a long-lasting sharpness for a beautiful finish. The ECHO® 50V Lithium Ion batteries are small and lightweight, but have the power to tackle tough jobs. The DHC-200 uses energy efficient motor controls to manage motor speed, power delivery and battery temperature for improved cutting performance and battery life.

There are other considerations with this Lithium Ion hedge trimmer such as reduced maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts, easy-to-use controls with no recoil start, no more fuel filling or cold starting. The DHC-200 has a professional grade brushless motor which is long lasting and maintenance-free. This is down to non-wearing parts, reducing downtime and servicing costs. It comes with a 2Ah battery and rapid charger as standard, with an optional 4Ah battery for a longer run time. The rapid battery charger ensures the 2Ah battery is boosted to 80% capacity in 24 minutes and the 4Ah in 48 minutes. It’s also a hedge trimmer that is clean to use and store and there’s no need to store and mix two-stroke fuel. The five-year domestic warranty shows that ECHO are extremely confident in their machines. This confidence continues in its 50V battery range with a two-year warranty on all 50V lithium ion batteries.

You can find out more from your local authorised ECHO dealer, or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.

Clean power with ECHO’s new trimmer

The new ECHO® DSRM-300 Trimmer is part of ECHO’s 50v Lithium Ion battery series. For the professional and keen gardener alike, here is precise cutting using clean battery power and like all ECHO designs it considers the environment it will be used in and operator productivity.

The first thing you’ll notice is how lightweight and comfortable to use this trimmer is. The DSRM-300 has an ergonomic rubber mould design for the front handle to help manouevrability allowing its use for longer periods with little fatigue. Similar to petrol trimmers, the motor is positioned at the top of the shaft making it well-balanced and comfortable to operate. Comfort is also aided by the rubber over-mould throttle grip, allowing the operator to take a firmer and safer grip of the trimmer.  Gardeners trimming around flower beds and boarders can count on the variable speed control for precision cutting and optimised run-time. And what could be simpler? Easy-to-use controls – no recoil start, no more fuel filling or cold starting – just charge up and go.

But how does battery power and performance compare with petrol? In the case of the DSRM-300 you wouldn’t know the difference except for the low noise and low emissions. No filling with two-stroke and reduced maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts make it an immediate consideration. It’s ideal for working in noise sensitive areas, so it is perfect for work around schools, hospitals, nursing homes and the low emission makes it a natural choice for use in parks, gardens and nature reserves. The ECHO DSRM-300 is built to the same professional standards as ECHO’s petrol trimmers but using the latest in Lithium Ion technology. It has a professional grade brushless motor which is long lasting and maintenance-free. This is down to non-wearing parts, reducing downtime and servicing costs.

The ECHO® 50V batteries are small and lightweight but have the power to tackle the tough jobs. The cutting head comes with a professional 2mm twist line capable of cutting thick grass and is ideally suited in areas where there might be noise limitations. The DSRM-300 has a professional grade brushless motor which is long lasting and maintenance-free. The trimmer uses energy efficient motor controls to manage motor speed, power delivery and battery temperature. The result is improved cutting performance and battery life. The ECHO® 50V Lithium Ion batteries have also been designed to be versatile, fitting other products in the ECHO® 50V Battery series.

The trimmer is clean to use and store – no need for storing and mixing two-stroke fuel. The two-year professional use and 5-year domestic warranty shows that ECHO are extremely confident in their machines and this confidence continues in its 50V battery range with a two-year warranty on all 50V lithium ion batteries. Weigh it all up and there is a definite case for turning to Lithium Ion power when you try the ECHO® DSRM-300 trimmer.

You can find out more from your local authorised ECHO dealer, or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

ECHO® ASK-RW23D Scissor Head - A Safer Cut

Working in built-up areas can present hazards when cutting close to bystanders, cars or buildings. It only takes a few stones or loose objects to get thrown into the air and there is the potential of damage to property or even a risk to safety.

The new ECHO® ASK-RW23D scissor head, a rotary scissor attachment suitable for most ECHO® brushcutters, helps to reduce this risk. It works on the principle of a 20:1 reduction ratio gearbox and two contra-rotating blades that actually ‘snip’ the grass or brush - just like a pair of scissors. This means you have safer and more precise cutting. Grass, weeds or brush simply drops where it is cut, making the ASK-RW23D an ideal choice to use when required to work near people, office windows or parked cars.

Highly versatile, the ASK-RW23D scissor head can trim up close to solid obstacles, such as trees, walls and kerbs without kickback or damage. Edging golf course bunkers and trimming grass in shallow water are easily tackled. The flat bottom design enables the operator to place the cutting head close to the ground when uncovering hidden landmarks, such as drain covers.

The ASK-RW23D rotary scissor head comes with an 18 over 15 tooth blade kit, and an optional 28 over 24 tooth fine cut blade kit is also available for getting an even finer finish on grass and lawn edges. The cutting head is well-balanced, making it easy to manoeuvre and comfortable to use. The ASK-RW23D scissor head mirrors ECHO®’s commitment to quality, providing their customers with commercial grade and innovative products. Visit to find your local ECHO® dealer.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Torque to the professionals

Landscape professionals need two key factors from their outdoor power tools: increased productivity combined with minimum downtime for maintenance. You want to get the job done quickly and efficiently, particularly where you’re using a brushcutter to power through dense brush. It’s all about torque - more torque means more cutting performance, allowing you to tackle a wider range of tasks with just one brushcutter.

ECHO has launched the ECHO SRM-2620TES, the latest model in the range of ECHO High Torque Brushcutters, to do just that. Utilising a unique gearbox design, ECHO ‘TES’ brushcutters deliver up to 50% more torque at the cutting head than previous models, giving you the same cutting performance as a larger machine but with a smaller, lightweight engine. The 25.4cc professional grade 2-stroke engine provides greater power with improved acceleration, and a gear reduction ratio of 2.07 means the SRM-2620TES generates outstanding levels of torque. The lightweight design also features low levels of vibration, providing reduced operator fatigue without compromising a cutting performance that’s equal to a higher capacity machine.

Further improvements with the SRM-2620TES include a new fan cover design which reduces the snagging of cables on branches in overgrown areas. There’s a tool-less air filter cover for easy access, even with gloves on, which makes it easier to clean the air filters on site. Changes to the air filter include a pleated main air filter and foam pre-filter to keep dust and debris away from the engine. All of which adds up to ensuring longer service intervals, better engine performance and more time to take on those extra jobs.

The ECHO SRM-2620TES is available in both U-handle and loop-handle versions and the customary two-year professional warranty and five-year domestic warranty are testimony to the tough, durable and dependable quality ECHO build in to all their machines. Find out more from your local authorised ECHO dealer. 

Visit or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

ECHO chainsaw helps ‘Restore’ confidence

The Oxford charity ‘Restore’ have received a new ECHO chainsaw donated by UK distributor Ariens Company Limited, whose UK head office is in Great Haseley.

Restore provides innovative rehabilitation employment and training support for people with mental health problems, providing gardening, allotment and craft activities to assist the process. The charity’s gardening activities are centred around the development and management of beautiful, restful and publicly-accessible gardens at each of their sites. Members benefitting from their work are involved in all the activities from planning layouts, designing planting schemes and then carrying out the work to create and maintain the gardens.

The ECHO chainsaw is a lightweight CS-310 with a powerful 30.5cc Stage 2 low emission engine, ideal for pruning and logging and it will be put to use in three of Restore’s recovery group sites two in Oxford and one in Didcot. Chrissie Jones, Recovery Co-ordinator at Restore has used ECHO tools for the past ten years and attested to their quality.

Brian Corcoran, Gardening Facilitator at Restore says "We're very pleased that Ariens Company has given us this fantastic chainsaw. It will be put to great use when we're coppicing our willow and hazel in the autumn and removing self-set trees on our allotment sites."

Darren Spencer, European Manager at Ariens Company Limited added: “We’re also very happy to see ECHO tools making such a worthwhile contribution to helping people enjoy gardening and gaining confidence to get back into work.” 

The outcomes for those participating in the activities run by the charity are a sense of achievement - leading to improved self-confidence and self-esteem. They enjoy improved social contact, reduced isolation and better teamwork skills through working with others. There are also opportunities to learn new skills with the possibility of a formal qualification for those who want to take one. 

Overall, physical as well as mental health can be improved through participation in outdoor activities. As one member at Restore says: “I’ve just started gardening and I imagined I’d get all wet and dirty, but I love it - seeing things grow that we planted… Four weeks ago I started part-time temp work again. When I was ill I thought that I would never work again. I feel so much more positive – I actually have a future.” For more information about Restore visit or call (01865) 455 822. For details of ECHO power tools visit or call 0800 597 7777.  

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

PB-580: Cool, calm and collecting leaves

ECHO have announced the introduction of a new backpack power blower available for professionals. The new PB-580 is ECHO’s most comfortable to date with a host of new features that enhance operator comfort and help reduce fatigue.

A new, ventilated backpack pad is designed to keep the operator cool even when the Stage 2 compliant 58.2cc engine is running at maximum revs. Four anti-vibration springs and padded shoulder straps provide increased support for the operator’s back to make this blower more comfortable to use for longer periods; in turn increasing productivity and seeing faster clearance of leaves and debris. The blower’s handle has a newly designed palm rest and hand stop, to reduce the chances of the operator’s hand slipping down the handle and losing control. The blower has a longer trigger for increased throttle precision.

An important factor for the operator in the field is being able to maintain a blower with minimum down-time. The ECHO PB-580 has an air filter cover that can be removed without the need for tools, allowing the pleated automotive-style air filter to be easily replaced if needed. There is also easier access for tightening the throttle cable which is a time-saver.

It’s no good having a blower that gets clogged and the PB-580 has a leaf guard to eliminate clogging of the fan and filter. Another neat and important feature is the metal ring at the end of the straight or curved pipe which helps prevent damage from general wear and tear.

ECHO’s professional backpack blowers have a deserved reputation as tough, durable and dependable machines and come with a two-year professional warranty. The new PB-580 is no exception. 

Download the marketing bulletin for the new backpack blower today. The bulletin includes all of the key features and benefits for this superb ECHO machine.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Light, compact, powerful. ECHO’s new top handle saw.

Compact, lightweight and with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, the new ECHO CS-2510TES top handle sets a benchmark for chainsaws. It’s clear the designers have aimed to create a top handle saw that fulfils the arborist’s needs in terms of superb balance, reliability, performance and comfort. This latest model in ECHO’s range of new generation chainsaws is their lightest and most compact saw to date. The dry weight is just 2.3kg and with its ergonomic, compact design the saw is highly manoeuvrable and can be used for long periods with little operator fatigue. The engine produces 1.11kW to give the CS-2510TES a superior power-to-weight ratio. Tim Kirk, Managing Director of TKF Training, got his hands on the saw before its launch.

 “I was recently given the new ECHO CS-2510TES top handled chainsaw to test – it was the only one in the country – and my first impression was it must be one of the smallest chainsaws on the market. The saw was fitted with a 10” bar and I have to say it was very light. The big test for such a small saw was the removal of limbs between 150mm to 200mm. I was amazed the saw cut through oak and beech without a dip in power.”

A key feature Tim picked out was using the starter cord toggle as a tool to open the fuel and oil filler caps. This can be done even when wearing gloves. Wider tank openings also make oil and fuel refilling easier and the oiler adjustment is conveniently on top for operator access. The dropout prevention nut is held on with a wire spring to prevent loss when working at height. Attention to detail in the design sees the CS-2510TES fitted with a selection of other features to make the operator’s life easier and more productive. There’s a swing-out lanyard ring for attaching the chainsaw to harness ropes, leaving the operator’s hands free for easier and safer climbing, while the rotating plastic chain catcher is a key safety feature. Narrow louvers in the body are designed to prevent pine needles and debris penetrating the engine compartment. Summing up, a great saw arborists are already talking about and ECHO dealers can’t wait to get in their showrooms, the CS-2510TES is available from November 2015.
Watch an overview video of the ECHO CS-2510TES by clicking here.

You can find out more from your ECHO dealer. You can also visit or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.