Wednesday, 22 July 2015

ECHO CS-360TES Product Review

'Like many other arborists, I am incredibly passionate about our industry. I enjoy every aspect of my job and having the right gear to be able to do the work quickly, efficiently and safely is imperative. Nowhere is the gear debate more hotly contested amongst arborists than that of the top-handled chainsaw. I was lucky enough to receive the latest ECHO CS-360TES top handle saw at the 2014 Confor APF fair. I was awarded the chainsaw as a prize in a competition held by TKF Training. I have been so impressed with this chainsaw that I would like to share my thoughts on it.'

'Out of the box I noticed marked improvements on the previous model (note also that the CS-350TES was the first top-handle I had owned). In particular, the ergonomics felt better and the chain brake was slimmed down and felt much more robust. I was initially disappointed to find a felt air filter as opposed to the gauze in the 350. However, it proved to be a very clean running saw, never accumulating much debris, even after the hardest day smashing the nastiest Leylandii. After running the saw for longer, it got better and better, having much more low end grunt and guts. Pulling at the 14 inch bar supplied was no bother, it only ever so slightly bogged down in the cut when I buried full bar in Beech.'

'Other noticeable improvements on the 360 were the increased throttle response and pick-up I did after running it fully. I switched to a 12 inch bar but this was solely due to personal preference. The only gripe I have with this saw, which I feel could use a bit of work, is the tuning screws being more user friendly - it would have saved me a trip to the dealer.'

'Having used all of the popular arborist chainsaws, I am extremely satisfied with this saw having given it hard use in a professional environment for 10 months. In an industry dominated by two “big boys” ECHO have stepped out of the shadows with an excellent product and more traditional tool. The ECHO CS-360TES top handle chainsaw easily stands up to the rivals.'

Review from Niall Campbell, Lead Climber at Special Branch Tree and Hedge Surgery Ltd (Fife, Scotland.)

The SRP for the ECHO CS-360TES top handle chainsaw start from £410 (ex-VAT).

You can find out more from your ECHO dealer. You can also visit or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.

Friday, 10 July 2015

A New Handle on ECHO Hedge Cutters

Landscapers, arborists and gardeners not only depend on their power tools to be reliable, they need them to be comfortable and easy to work with. All qualities we have come to expect from ECHO and the ECHO HCR-185ES hedge cutter is no exception. You can see it’s built for the professional, with integral features that ensure you’ll get the maximum productivity. The powerful 0.57kW output and reliability of the ECHO 21.2cc two-stroke, Stage 2 compliant, low emission engine gets you quickly through the work. Naturally you also get the ECHO Easy Start® system for effortless starting and there’s a throttle lock-out to prevent accidental throttle engagement.

Ease of use is a main consideration and the ECHO hedge cutter has a newly designed rear handle which locates the frame base higher than the blade. The five position rotating handle also increases manoeuvrability and comfort for the operator, allowing you to use the hedge cutter at different angles without having to twist the whole machine. A definite plus for ensuring the HCR-185ES runs smoothly across hedges with no bumping or snagging, making it the perfect tool for garden and ornamental hedges.

Using a hedge cutter over extended periods is tiring work and like all ECHO power tools the new machine has integrated, low vibration technology to help minimise fatigue. The speed and smoothness of cut will be high on your productivity list and the laser cut, precision ground, double reciprocating blades provide both while ensuring long lasting sharpness. The 35mm blade pitch is ideal for tackling a variety of hedges from thorn, privet and hornbeam to beech and yew. The hedge cutter has an effective cutter length of 744mm with and there’s a half length blade guard to help protect you from accidental contact with the blades.

The superior design of the exhaust system directs exhaust emissions away from you, while preventing scorching and discolouration of the hedge, and there’s a fully enclosed cover to protect you from touching the hot exhaust. Other neat touches are the easy, tool-free access to the air filter, even when wearing gloves, and the vertical fuel filler neck for easier re-fuelling. Like all ECHO power tools, the HCR-185ES hedge cutter is built to endure tough, professional work and comes with a two-year warranty in professional use.

The ECHO HCR-185ES hedge cutter is £415.83 (ex-VAT).

You can find out more from your ECHO dealer. You can also visit or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.